Nothing to report

Apologies for the radio silence but I haven’t really had anything to tell you since my last update.

I suppose my only news is that the blood tests didn’t work (as suspected) so I have to go in for more next month.  It’s looking pretty unlikely that we’ll have any real news (good or bad) before the end of the year now which is disappointing.  I honestly thought that I would be a mother by now, or at least heavily pregnant.

We’ve only used the magic lube once this month as it impedes our sex life and I need to re-stock on Agnus castus too so all in all quite an uneventful month conception wise.  If anyone has any recommendations for something else to try please let me know! 

I am finding the Clue app very helpful, I am not sure how accurate it is but it recalculates every time you put new data into it.  I won’t live by it but it is useful to track patterns in your cycle.  I am on day 19 today apparently so flo should be due next week, will keep you posted! 


Normal business resumes

I duly attended Mrs “Phleb Otomist” (as it said on my appointment card) on Monday to be greeted by an old school ball-breaker nurse who barely said two words to me.  I hate needles so am always a little anxious having blood taken.  

I somewhat overcame this fear 3 years ago when, after seeing first hand what a difference a transfusion can make, I took my dear Dad’s place on the blood donor register.  Now I dutifully have myself plugged into the strange plunger machine (I have never actually looked at it) as often as I can in an attempt to help somebody else’s Dad (or Mum, sibling, grandparent etc).  I hate every second of it (even the pip prick iron test) but I do it.

However despite my obvious trepidation the nurse had no bedside manner, no gentle voice inviting me to sit, just a “sharp scratch” and then silence as she took 3 vials with me looking in the opposite direction!  

The doc said it will take a few weeks to get the results but I am not confident that they will show anything.  The time they take the blood is key and she calculated 18 days based on my last fiasco of a period (despite it clearly being, in the nicest terms, a “glitch”).  However, on Saturday, in received confirmation that it really was a glitch.  Just like that, like clockwork, I am back to 24 days (based on the count from 2 months ago).  Which means the blood was not taken at the right time.  Looks like I’ll be back in next month!