Normal business resumes

I duly attended Mrs “Phleb Otomist” (as it said on my appointment card) on Monday to be greeted by an old school ball-breaker nurse who barely said two words to me.  I hate needles so am always a little anxious having blood taken.  

I somewhat overcame this fear 3 years ago when, after seeing first hand what a difference a transfusion can make, I took my dear Dad’s place on the blood donor register.  Now I dutifully have myself plugged into the strange plunger machine (I have never actually looked at it) as often as I can in an attempt to help somebody else’s Dad (or Mum, sibling, grandparent etc).  I hate every second of it (even the pip prick iron test) but I do it.

However despite my obvious trepidation the nurse had no bedside manner, no gentle voice inviting me to sit, just a “sharp scratch” and then silence as she took 3 vials with me looking in the opposite direction!  

The doc said it will take a few weeks to get the results but I am not confident that they will show anything.  The time they take the blood is key and she calculated 18 days based on my last fiasco of a period (despite it clearly being, in the nicest terms, a “glitch”).  However, on Saturday, in received confirmation that it really was a glitch.  Just like that, like clockwork, I am back to 24 days (based on the count from 2 months ago).  Which means the blood was not taken at the right time.  Looks like I’ll be back in next month! 


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