Thirty five year old, counting.

Counting what? 

  • The years? Not really
  • Stars? Sometimes 
  • Sheep? Rarely
  • Grey hairs? Not yet, fortunately
  • Calories or kilos? Not since the wedding 
  • Days until Christmas? Only when it’s cold

So what am I counting? 

  • My number of followers on Twitter (although only on my professional account, personally I don’t really care) 
  • Everything on Pokemon Go (but the app does that for me), but more importantly..

..DAYS, days on the calendar, days in my diary, specifically the number of days between periods, the number of days on my period, the number of days until my next period (hoping that it will never come) because we (my new husband and I) are trying to conceive, so far without any luck.

I am new to blogging but write (letters at least) for a living.  I (modestly) like to think I am a fairly good writer and (modestly) that somebody may want to read what I write.  This seemed an interesting enough subject and a fairly interesting new hobby so upon turning 35 I decided to give it a go, feel free to join me on the journey, however long it may last!


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